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Easy Approval Process For Construction Equipment Financing With ClearPath Financial

Great Rates For Good Credits But A Program For All Credit Scores

construction equipment financing
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24-60 Month Term
Skip Payments
Dealer Or Private Party
Equipment Of Any Age 
 Start-ups Or Established Companies
Some Programs Do Not Credit Score  

ClearPath Financial is a specialist in Construction Equipment Financing. We work hard for business owners to help make their dreams a reality. We have several construction equipment financing programs for established contractors with good credit scores and most require little or nothing down. Many of our heavy construction equipment programs are also application only - meaning that no financial statements are needed for a quick and easy approval.

However, our specialty is working with business owners with less than perfect credit or people who have been turned down by traditional sources. Our bad credit construction equipment financing program looks beyond credit score and investigates the cash flow and the pending contracts for your company. We even consider additional collateral and co-signors. We believe in second chances and prefer helping the "under dog" to succeed.

Our Application process is easy to complete and we have experience in obtaining approvals for start-up companies - no easy task in today's financial environment. So whatever your situation, start-up or established business, good or challenged credit, give us a call at 203-405-2286 or complete our safe and secure online application by clicking on the link below.

Take advantage of ClearPath's wide credit window and complete our easy one page application today.

Construction Equipment Financing For Equipment Older Than 10 Years

Have you been told by other lenders that they are unable to provide Construction Equipment Financing because the equipment age is greater than 10 years? Don't let the equipment age or a Private Party sale get in your way. ClearPath has the resources to not only finance equipment that is older than ten years, but we can usually get you approved for a longer term, meaning more manageable payments during slower business periods.

Approvals For Heavy Construction Equipment Using Additional Collateral

Most approvals for heavy construction equipment are credit decisions based on the FICO Score of the business owner. However, ClearPath Financial also works directly with collateral lenders to help business owners with poor credit overcome past tax liens, judgments, slow pays and bankruptcy. These approvals are based upon the value of the equipment, not your credit score. Simply be willing to collateralize your new piece of equipment with another piece of equal or greater value and we’ll have you approved the same day.

Looking To Refinance Your Existing Loan – Give Us A Call. We Can Lower Your Monthly Payment!!

Call Today For Our Inventory of Heavy Construction Equipment For Sale

We prefer to help you purchase the equipment of your choice from a private party or your local dealer. However, sometimes past credit problems or current cash flow can get in the way. Construction Equipment that our partners have in their inventory is often financed with no money down. Since the equipment goes very quickly, give us a call today at 203-405-2286 to discuss our current inventory of heavy equipment located in the Northeast.

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